Reviews - Jewels Photography
Pink Peonies

* I purchased the photo of an eagle with the Thomas Jefferson quote for my husband for his birthday. I love it! I think he likes it, too. ~ Donna G. 

* Julie's pictures blow me out of the water. She is worth every penny. I have her framed print with a eagle and quote from Thomas Jefferson.  ~ Forrest L. 

* I won one of her first contests and the prize was amazing! So talented! Love to see her photos. One of the best! ~ Alisa K.

* Julie's talent is amazing. Her eye never fails to find perfect moments, and her camera never fails her. ~ Kat W.

* I bought a photo from Julie with a Bible verse. It was so perfect! ~ Karen F.

* The photos are stunningly beautiful. The colors pop on the metallic print versions ~ Ana M.

* Julie photographs a lot of our hot air ballooning flights. She is an amazing photographer. Anything we have ordered from her is top notch quality and done very quickly. I highly recommend her services ~ Laurie O.

* She went out of her way for me while she was on vacation to get pictures of the Green Bay Packers stadium. The pictures she takes are awesome ~ Melissa B.

* I absolutely loved the photos; Julie really has an eye for capturing just the right  picture. I love the website ~ Pam M.